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Limsons Industries / Automotive

The automotive industry is a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds. It is one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue. As any other industry facing rampant competition, the automotive industry is in search of avenues for reducing production costs, optimizing product lifecycles, continuous innovation and fruit collaboration with partners – suppliers or dealers, to achieve customer trust and value.

Limsons had successfully leveraged its in-house automotive domain knowledge along with pre-built business models and solution accelerators and delivered comprehensive solutions to global automotive industry clients and its ancillary industries.

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Limsons Industries / Banking & Financial

Financial services institutions face the challenge of addressing current economic situations while simultaneously preparing for tomorrow evolving marketplace. With our extensive experience in banking, insurance and capital markets, Limsons can streamline your business processes through service-oriented, component-based architectures that can be reused across multiple business processes and applications. We can also help manage risk and ensure you get the maximum benefit from your security technology investments. This allows you to focus on product development and services that allow you to grow and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

Limsons has served four financial services market segments:
  • Capital markets — asset management, sales and trading, investment banking.
  • Personal financial services — retail banking and brokerage, consumer financial services, private and high-net-worth banking.
  • Insurance — life, property and casualty, risk management, reinsurance.
  • Corporate banking — payments and transaction processing, middle market banking.
  • We help our financial services clients manage change through many different solution sets. Here is an example of a few:
  • CRM — managing customer relationships to improve revenue and retention.
  • IT Security — we tailor security solutions to your needs, fix security issues at the root cause, and deliver cost-effective security with minimal disruption to your business.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture — this means to deliver integrated business applications in a timely fashion with the least amount of intervention to change application code or structure.
  • Legacy Modernization — Extend and modernize your older applications to enable them to achieve the same benefit of newer applications.
  • IT Outsourcing — providing the right mix of outsourced, managed, and project services to deliver the greatest business value.
  • Wireless & Mobility — effectively and efficiently create mobile office solutions and provide higher levels of customer care.

Limsons provides the following services to financial industry clients:
  • Back-office integration.
  • Content management.
  • Customer Relationship (CRM).
  • Electronic Business & Internet.
  • Outsourcing Services.
  • Security architecture.
  • Third-party integration.
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Limsons Industries / Education

The technology may unlock greater avenues in Education Sector for vibrant future of a nation, pervasive classrooms, faster learning, and the ability to track performance and results across the system comprising students, educators, and management as well. The new mantra for success is the new school of thought, best-in-class technology, and the right strategy. ICT adoption in Education sector should go beyond traditional computer labs towards accelerated technology adoption in administration, academics and process management.

Limsons domain expertise in Education sector provides robust solutions that address industry challenges, while enhancing quality at optimal cost efficiencies. Our wide range of services provides an end-to-end solution to clients’ needs in the Education sector.

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Limsons Industries / Government

Government agencies—whether city, county, state or federal—face unique challenges in today's business environment.

Increasing effectiveness while maintaining or lowering the overall cost of investing in new technology requires exceptional balance.

Partnering with the right technology experts can give local government the edge they need to increase efficiency and keep pace with the demands of constituents and employees.

Limsons history in the public sector includes years of experience helping the states and local entities achieve their goals.

Limsons Unique Capabilities Help State and Local Government Succeed

From school districts, housing authorities, municipal courts, and law enforcement agencies, to public utilities, transportation authorities, and health and human services agencies, the responsibilities of local government span a wide range of functions.

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Limsons offers local governments many types of services:
  • Custom Solutions.
  • Application Development and Management (ADM).
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing.
  • Security.
  • Packaged Enterprise Solutions.
  • Outsourcing Solutions and Managed Services.
Limsons Industries / Health care

The healthcare industry provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. The health care industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries, health care forms an enormous part of a country's economy. Healthcare industry across the globe is facing the challenge of coping with the transforming business model and constrain of meeting the pressures of the industry’s regulatory demands.

Limsons proactive solutions assist healthcare organizations in transforming into word class healthcare enterprise through innovation and optimization. We embrace “Think Global, Act Global” bringing in the cross boundary best-practices and industry solutions contextualizing to the specific healthcare models practiced by the clients.

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Limsons Industries / Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are not only responding to requirements for reform, but also to the increasingly powerful impact which the consumer is having on the industry. Constant regulatory changes and reform has an impact on people, business processes and technology that support the healthcare industry. Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations rely on information systems designed to help them achieve compliance, manage policy and customer information, and identify new ways to reach end users.

Consumer, portfolio, regulatory and operating challenges create unprecedented complexity and opportunity as life sciences companies strive to create and sustain competitive differentiation and market dominance. With over enormous of years’ experience, Limsons professionals help companies overcome industry challenges, achieve business objectives, drive sustainable growth and, in doing so, deliver life-enhancing health solutions for patients, families and caregivers.

Limsons works with suppliers and customers in new regions and emerging markets and can help readjust capacity to handle new types of products or diversify channels to ensure that essential products reach the market at speed.

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Limsons helps life sciences clients improve their supply chain for example by working with suppliers and customers in new regions and emerging markets, or by readjusting capacity to handle new types of products or by diversifying channels to ensure that essential products reach the market at speed.

We are committed to tackling the most challenging issues regarding Supply Chain. By combining best thinking and people, we can help your organization deliver real results that drive superior Supply Chain performance.
Limsons Industries / Insurance

Companies in this industry provide insurance-related products and services. Policy lines include life insurance, property and casualty insurance, health insurance, surety insurance, title insurance, credit insurance, and mortgage insurance. Companies that provide reinsurance coverage, insurance and reinsurance brokerage services, and risk management services are also included in this industry.

Limsons understands that challenges faced by the Insurance industry through years of experience gained by its consultants working at different insurance firms globally. This experience has helped us offer innovative software solutions and services that will align with their business strategy.

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Limsons Industries / Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries involve in the processing and manufacturing of items and indulge in either creation of new commodities or in value addition. The manufacturing industry accounts for a significant share of the industrial sector in developed countries. The final products can serve as a finished good for sale to customers or as intermediate good used in the production process. Manufacturing industries are broadly categorized into engineering, electronics, chemical, construction, energy, textile, food and beverage, transport and telecommunication etc.

With deep knowledge of operations involved in manufacturing industries, Limsons International offers technical solutions that address the unique demand required to ensure smooth process flow in different departments such as product design and development, quality policies, logistical systems, facility location decisions, facility layout, human resources, supply chain management, quality control, reliability, and maintenance.

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Reaching new levels of business efficiency
The oil and gas industry is responsible for a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. Yet back-office processes typically operate on more mature systems. Limsons combines end-to-end IT services, industry-proven oil and gas solutions and upstream expertise to help organizations create agile and cost-effective infrastructures that reduce costs and reach new levels of efficiency. Through an accountable and flexible approach, Limsons also manages back-office functions on oil and gas client's behalf, allowing organizations to fully focus on reaching new frontiers.

Limsons Expertise
Limsons has been reckoned as a Global Systems integrator providing practical ERP solutions by exploiting the latest technologies to prepare our "Real Estate & Infrastructure Clients" for the future.
Limsons Industries / Oil & Gas

By sheer nature of the products dealt with by this industry, the industry shows wide-scale variations in business requirements in upstream, midstream and downstream segments.

Some of the top challenges the industry faces include:

  • Enterprise manufacturing solution specially designed for process industry.
  • Price volatility leading to extreme pressures on profitability.
  • Stringent norms for compliance to environmental, health, safety and securities regulations.
  • Collaboration with trading partners.
  • Optimal utilization of assets in proactive manner.
  • Managing engineering change process.
  • Control projects to meet delivery targets.
  • Integration with diverse sources of exploration information to manage risks.
  • Manage oil well profitability and lifecycle.
  • Manage complex plant turnarounds and maximize profitability.
Limsons Experience and Expertise
  • Vast pool of professionals providing solutions and services to the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Industry-proven solutions in production accounting, financial accounting, production management, land administration and marketing.
  • Specialized services for royalty trusts to help synchronize the vital processes related to land management, production, marketing and financial accounting.
  • Environmental solutions in employee health and safety, product stewardship, incident management and regulatory compliance, including REACH.
  • Limsons has domain and sub-domain specific professionals who can bring measurable value in the following areas:
  • Robust product footprint providing functionalities for upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas.
  • Powerful project costing and project accounting solution to manage complex projects.
  • World class HCM and knowledge management tools for every layer of workmen.
  • Flexible services procurement wit robust collaboration and sourcing capabilities.
  • Condition based maintenance for transforming reactive maintenance strategies to proactive strategies.
  • Zero latency, real- time collaboration for advanced planning solutions enabling planning for all horizons.
  • Functionalities for modelling and managing complex process flows in manufacturing.
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Limsons Industries / Retail - Consumer

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products are the one which is sold quickly such as soft drinks, toiletries, and grocery items. The rampant digitization of business is reshaping consumer behavior, pushing enterprises to engage directly with consumers in innovative ways. Engaging through productive and collaborative relationships with the partner ecosystem is turning to be the major challenge faced by the Industry. To cope up with the growing opportunities in developing markets, the industry should be equipped to face unexpected challenges.

Limsons delivers superior IT solutions to global CPG enterprises. Our businesses solutions enhance the client’s ability to create and improve the utilization of their digital assets, enable them to manage, measure and optimize trade spend. Our clients shall be able to identify cross sell opportunities through distribution management solutions and achieve superior distributor connectivity. Our advanced analytics enable customers to unlock the hidden potential and foresight the strategy to achieve growth in future.

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Limsons Industries / Communications

The Communications Services industry involves in transportation of information electronically, by means of Internet, cable, satellite, and any other managed services businesses. The industry is classified as three major categories: telecommunications, entertainment and media, and Internet/Web services. While some communication service providers have branched into multiple areas and some provide communication services across all major categories. The Industry is vying for information technology to achieve their business goals and stay ahead in the intense competition.

Limsons provide solutions to addresses key challenges faced by the industry like transformation of business, operational efficiency and technology innovation, which enable communications enterprises to connect, collaborate and communicate better for achieving business growth.

High Tech
High Tech companies are often pushed towards driving innovation and managing change. The industry is in need of a flexible IT solution which will:
  • Respond swiftly to address the ever changing customer expectations.
  • Stay ahead of their competitors through industry-leading technology innovations.
  • Marketing and managing products in the better way.
  • Limsons with its large spool of solutions and technology experts are equipped to deliver end-to-end solutions to High Tech industries ranging from electronics and semiconductor companies, as well as professional services firms.
    The solutions will:
  • Enable transforming and adopting emerging optimization technologies with ease.
  • Improve the ability to analyze data/information to vision the market trends.
  • Simplifies supply chain management results in reduced costs, flexibility to adopt market conditions.
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Limsons Industries / Energy - Utilities

The energy sector comprises of all industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution, the energy sector is a crucial part of the infrastructure in all countries. Advances in technology solutions through IT can reduce energy usage, providing more reliable energy delivery, and improving our standard of living with new applications.

Limsons developed real-time solutions to the energy sector will be bringing in transparency, revenue realization and reduction in transmission and distribution losses in the power sector. Our continuous innovation in the technology shall bring immense benefits to the sector and Limsons is expected to play a major role in energy sector.

Energy and Utilities (E & U) practice of Limsons possesses deep domain expertise and exposure to Global Utility markets backed by 15 years of hands on experience in the Industry's core technologies. E & U practice has participated in the regulation and deregulation journey of the energy markets and is actively assisting customers in achieving their goals and objectives.

Limsons E & U practice has acquired expertise in the entire value chain of Energy & Utilities industry's upstream, mid-stream, down-stream sectors and back office operations with cumulative experience of several projects and over several years.

  • Transmission Outage and Generation Availability
  • Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Inventory Control
  • Fuel management
  • Network Analysis, MIMS
  • Balancing Mechanism
  • Integrated Energy Management BETTA
  • Mains Risk Priority Management
  • GIS
  • Emergency Meter Work
  • Job Issue System
  • Demand Derivation system
  • Field Force Device Replacement
  • Connections work management & AMR
  • Market Intelligence & Provision of Information

    Back Office Operations
    • Knowledge Management
    • Enterprise Collaboration
    • EUC Applications
    • Infrastructure Management
    • ERP

    Service Offerings
    Limsons Energy and Utilities practice has been providing the following services in Analyzing and implementing regulatory and de regulatory changes, Legacy Systems, Business process alignment and IT system improvements, Rapid Application development to drive business benefits, Regulatory reporting , Program Assurance, Performance management, Application separation, and consolidation due to deregulation or mergers and Acquisition, System Integration and Green IT services We specialize in Advanced Meter Management and Energy trading with our framework based solution, for prototype and POC based implementation.

    Limsons Value Proposition
    • Framework based development for Energy Trading.
    • Innovative way of bridging the gap between Industry and service providers through Market based Advisory Councils.
    • Partnership with leading Utilities domain and market experts to bring the Industry best practices and IT services together.
    • Energy and Utilities practice specializes in providing cutting edge technology solutions in Automatic Meter Management (AMM), Asset and Work Management, Energy Trading, Balancing Mechanism, Field Force Automation, SOA based Energy Trading framework to implement flexibility, re-usability and competitive strategy and Integration of systems and processes to get STP.

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Limsons Industries / Transportation

There is a huge upsurge in this industry over last decade and the market has become extremely demanding as well as volatile. The organizations in this industry have to keep pace with the advancements and have to continuously address the following:

  • Highly customized service offerings.
  • Collaboration with multiple partners.
  • Pressures on pricing and profitability.
  • Understanding and managing customer relationships efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Enhancing employee productivity.
  • Growing influence on self-service.
  • Asset management and Return on investment (ROI).
  • Heightened security parameters.
Limsons Expertise

More than ever, transportation organizations need to make sure they are conscientious and skilled stewards of public funds. Limsons transportation experts are specifically focused on providing advanced technologies and solutions to public sector organizations like departments of transportation, transit agencies, highway departments, turnpike agencies, port authorities, regional transportation districts, and toll agencies.

Limsons offers services in the key areas required by today's transportation leaders, such as ERP, system assessments, implementation, integration, and managed services. We also provide data governance, data architecture, and enterprise mobility services that streamline processes and decision-making for transportation organizations. Limsons understands this industry and delivers solutions that are preconfigured for transportation organization processes.

Following are some of the key value propositions which our recommended solutions can bring about:
  • Multiple CRM solutions to meet every kind of customer interaction requirement and build customer loyalty.
  • Efficient contract management and billing.
  • Smart e- enabled technologies for higher value proposition for customers.
  • Improved revenues with accurate quotes and enhanced responsiveness with real time order management.
  • Compliance solutions for safe guarding brand and reputation and transform uncertainty into opportunity. Effectively managed maintenance programs, configurations, planning and execution.
  • Variety of self-service options for partner collaborations.
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