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Limsons IT Services’ vision is to be the leading professional analytics software. Send us your dream projects requirement, we will make it live. We also provide Online training to our consultants in different technologies.

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We at Limsons IT Services LLC are Building the next Innovative IT job search website Dollar Dream Jobs The fastest way to find the right IT job USA and All over world.

This project is Headed by Prasad Kumar B who is the architect of the project who built and ran dollar dream jobs Indian portal. assisted with a team of 15 IT Professionals lead by Chaitanya Krishna.

We are engaged, customer focused, we finish job and deliver precise results on schedule.

We are accepting investment Capitol to develop this project. Raising a Target capital of $2 million with family and friends. $ 200,000 Committed so far by near and dear...

Minimum Investment $ 2500. preferred is 12,000 per investor. Reach for More details about Investment plan ROI Etc.

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