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Limsons IT Services Profile
Limsons IT Services is emerging as a leader in professional analytics software and services, and it is the largest progressive vendor in software industry.

Established in Los Angeles, CA. Limsons IT Services is one of the fastest growing information technology (IT) and management consulting firms in the pacific and southwest region. The innovative and experienced professionals of Limsons IT Services, delivers dynamic and best-in-class business solutions obligatory by clients through information technology.

At Limsons IT Services, we carry comprehensive analysis of specific business needs of every client and offer technology based customized solutions to achieve business objectives. We establish long lasting mutual relationship with our clients and consultants by providing strategic client solutions and promoting consultant career path. We work closely with our clients to deliver business results through information technology. Our consultants take great role in their expertise, technical ability and inspiration. We believe the hard work, dedication and hands-on approach of our work is the significant factor in the satisfaction of our customers. Our consultants achieve job satisfaction and continue to excel in their career.

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Our Vision

Limsons IT Services’ vision is to be the leading professional analytics software and services and providing dynamic business solutions to our clients in securing their business objectives through the appropriate use and implementation of various technology tools and techniques.

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Our Values
  • Limsons IT Services was founded on several basic principles: honesty, esteem, commitment, integrity, Flexible, Accountability, work ethics and exceptional service and also a family team-oriented atmosphere providing all the support you need to succeed and we remain committed to these guiding principles.
  • A critical core value of our firm is to treat our clients and employees with the highest level of personal respect. This allows us to be confident in our ability to deliver the best service.
  • Our focus has always been and will always be our people. That is where we place our value and that is what separates Limsons from our competition and makes our organization so effective.
  • We are dedicated in our resolution to lead Limsons with the highest level of integrity and to remain steadfastly committed to our employees and our clients.
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Our Mission
Engaged, Focused, Committed in Delivering Precise Results
At Limsons IT Services, our mission is to “Make one destination to all your desires” by prioritizing the maximum IT efficiency, provide creative strategies and minimize IT expenditures through our smart solutions.
We are engaged, customer focused, we finish job and deliver precise results on schedule.

We provide experienced IT professionals identical with client needs to create the most effective, customized, comprehensive business process management solutions developed by advanced designing and high end technologies.

We aim to be the global leader in development & deployment arena, world-class quality and cost reduction.

We endeavor to expand our global reach and capabilities. We honor our commitment to clients and employees through continuous education, capacity building, and training in the latest technology with the promise of personal and professional development.

Limsons IT Services Clients
Limsons IT Services continues to provide critical support, strategic management and excellent outsourcing for software development for the following domains
  • Information Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Communication
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We are engaged, customer focused, we finish job and deliver precise results on schedule.

We are accepting investment Capitol to develop this project. Raising a Target capital of $2 million with family and friends. $ 200,000 Committed so far by near and dear...

Minimum Investment $ 2500. preferred is 12,000 per investor. Reach for More details about Investment plan ROI Etc.

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